Coffee Flowers in our Coffee Farm

Enjoy an explanation of the fascinating cycle of coffee production, from the flowering of “Costa Rica’s Fine Coffee” blossoms, to the roasting of the green coffee.
costa rica coffee flower
The coffee “bean” is actually the seed of the coffee cherry. Two beans grow face-to-face within each cherry … about four thousand beans making a single pound of specialty coffee.
costa rica coffee green beans and flowers
Each April, the blossoming begins, and the whole mountain smells like perfume. Native honeybees fly from flower to flower, pollinating our coffee plants and giving us a plentiful harvest.
goumet arabica coffee tree flowering
Here’s a closeup of our coffee trees, covered in blooms … but for just a week. Each fragrant white flower will go on to become a sweet, ripe, red coffee cherry.
coffee flower with a bee
Interestingly, a mature, flowering coffee tree can be blossoming, with both ripe and unripe fruit on it, all at the same time.
The coffee tree’s delicate white blossom exudes a distinctive fragrance, resembling that of the jasmine flower, both in terms of appearance and odor. Finally, after the week for bee-pollination has passed, each flower wilts, and is replaced by a green fruit.
ripe and green coffee beans