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Aventura Café, Costa Rica's premium estate grown coffee, welcomes you to our site, with enlightening facts about Coffee, Coffee History, and Costa Rica. You can explore our Arabica Coffee and Espresso Coffee selections, and sample our delicious Coffee Recipes.
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Costa Rica is renowned for producing the world's finest gourmet coffee beans ... with rich flavor and extra-select quality. Every coffee bean takes a long journey to bring you a coffee experience that's truly special.
Our exceptional gourmet coffee is made exclusively from the finest of pure Costa Rica Arabica coffee beans. We roast them lovingly, and fresh-package them while still warm.
Coffee Plantation
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Costa Rica is blessed with abundantly rich, deep volcanic soil. Shade trees and cloudy afternoons combine with low nightly temperatures at our high elevation, to encourage the beans to mature slowly. This unique microclimate on our farm creates a coffee with a sweet aroma, full body, delicate acidity, and clean aftertaste.
Our 100% unblended Arabica coffee is classified "SHB" (Strictly Hard Bean), the most flavorful category of coffee bean, found only at high elevations. Each coffee bean is hand picked at the moment of ripeness, when it is red and juicy. All our coffee beans are sun dried and skillfully processed in the traditional way.
Arabica Coffee
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Espresso Coffee
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Costa Rica & Coffee
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Like the great explorers who came before us, join us in seeking undiscovered pleasures. Buy coffee online, farm direct ... from our coffee trees to your cup. Indulge yourself in a little of Costa Rica's Pura Vida (pure living)!
Experience the luxury of pure Costa Rican Gourmet Coffee. Visit our Online Store to order our freshly roasted gourmet coffee ... we'll ship immediately from our coffee plantation, direct to you.
NOTE: Recent times have seen increasing awareness in the fair trade coffee business about paying a fair price to the farmer, in order to sustain the growing of top quality coffee beans. Since we at Aventura Café "Adventure Coffee" grow and package our own coffee, a fair price is guaranteed to the farm, enabling us to raise the standard of living of our farm workers.

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Central America Coffee
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The high altitude and the rich volcanic soil from the regions create conditions which are ideal for the production of top-quality coffee.

Coffee Processing
Coffee Processing
From the cherry to the bean ... The harvested coffee cherry must be processed prior to roasting.

Coffee Recipes
Espresso Coffee Recipes
Surprise your loved ones with a coffee speciality Espresso coffee such as cappuccino, ristretto, latte macchiato and espresso macchiato.

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